March 17, 2019


For the past 3 to 2 months I decided to take a break for myself mentally and decided just to do at least something to keep myself consistent. I have all the tools of the Adobe CC Suite\ but always neglected to use social media. But I’m now just trying to make sure my skills are on a point having the motivation or will to just do something for myself and my career as a graphic designer. So the challenge I made for myself was to make something out of fun in 2 hours of my day.

Milk is just an experiment done for fun using just a paintbrush marker. I’ve always loved using this marker just because back when I was in Chinese school I’ve always enjoyed looking and writing Chinese characters. Never more than ever I’ve found it relaxing and therapeutic just to write out Chinese characters for the way that the characters are structured. I actually had some fun doing some Chinese for dates so I thought it would be nice to do something like that on design. Something of like a way to sign off when I finished it but to also flex off my heritage.

Anyways, I drafted the word Milk just out of boredom on graph paper and in my sketchbook. I came to terms to one of the sketches on my graph paper. I decided to use that and scanned it through an application on my iPhone into a PDF. I then copied and pasted the PDF document and then image traced it so I can just obtain the word Milk. I thought maybe if I used something of a light peach color as the background for both the date and the word. It’s a simple finish as it took me about an hour and a half of designing. Then 30 minutes of pure panic and internal debate of how I want to approach this I decided just to leave it be as I hit the two-hour mark. But so far I think I’m okay with it and I feel better trying something at the least.


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