Unreal Engine 4


An Unreal Engine 4 project that simulated a top-down Diablo style game with traps to avoid and monsters to fight. The game was reiterated into third person gameplay of a female knight named Ariel waking up to the aftermath of the battlefield upon the castle that she was defending and new dangers that have arrived at it. 

The team consisted of a rigger, two modelers, two programmers, and a game designer. 

My responsibilities were to manage the team’s progress and development of the game within five to six weeks of the project to make a cohesive experience within the environment. 

  • I had to set up the Perforce server for collaborative teamwork. 

  • Branding the project with the addition of making custom fonts and menu layouts which never made it into the final build. 

  • Developing user experience of the menu, pause, and loading screens between the levels. 

  • Had to learn and create how to make level streaming work between the three different levels.


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